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NO.1 Your system automatically provisions EIPs to EC2 instances in a VPC on boot. The system
provisions the
whole VPC and stack at once. You have two of them per VPC. On your new AWS account, your
to create a Development environment failed, after successfully creating Staging and Production
environments in the same region. What happened?
A. You hit the soft limit of 5 EIPs per region and requested a 6th.
B. You hit the soft limit of 2 VPCs per region and requested a 3rd.
C. You didn't choose the Development version of the AMI you are using.
D. You didn't set the Development flag to true when deploying EC2 instances.
Answer: A

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There is a soft limit of 5 EIPs per Region for VPC on new accounts. The third environment could not
allocate the 6th EIP.

NO.2 When thinking of AWS Elastic Beanstalk, which statement is true?
A. Worker tiers pull jobs from SQS.
B. Worker tiers pull jobs from SNS.
C. Worker tiers pull jobs from HTTP.
D. Worker tiers pull jobs from JSON.
Answer: A

AWS-DevOps 関連題   
Elastic Beanstalk installs a daemon on each Amazon EC2 instance in the Auto Scaling group to process
Amazon SQS messages in the worker environment. The daemon pulls data off the Amazon SQS
inserts it into the message body of an HTTP POST request, and sends it to a user-configurable URL
on the local host. The content type for the message body within an HTTP POST request is
application/json by default.

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